Why vendors like leasing?

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Successful equipment vendors tell us that they routinely utilize leasing in order to control the sale, overcome price objectives, avoid product discounting, and shorten the sales cycle while improving cash flow due to fast invoice payment.

Additional advantages include:

  • Enhances gross profits as the focus is on manageable monthly payments rather than total equipment cost.
  • Allows for continuing state of the art technology due to easy equipment upgrades or trade-ins during or at the end of the lease term.
  • Enables the client to fulfill their immediate equipment needs as the financing is over an extended term with little or no down payments or deposits.
  • Shortens the sales cycle, thus satisfying the client's response demands, since the process is easy, fast and flexible.
  • Makes the acquisition process easier as it provides the client with 100% financing to include freight, installation and soft costs.
  • Can be utilized as a trial close to determine mutual interest levels.
  • Repeat acquisitions as the lease term matches the equipment's actual economic life, thus eliminates the problems clients face when new acquisitions are hard to justify until the existing equipment is written down.
  • Improves cash flow as it provides for progress payments prior to equipment delivery with final payment due upon equipment installation.
  • Overcomes client budget and cash flow restrictions as payments can be structured to match available funds during specific periods.
  • Aids in management due to team selling from the onset to the conclusion of purchase.
  • Increases market penetration due to creative financing not normally available through conventional leaders.
  • Saves valuable marketing time as it quickly eliminates unqualified prospects, if utilized as a pre-screen early on in the sales cycle.
  • Creates a competitive edge, thus continuing to satisfy the client's unique requirements by structuring no interest or rent to own payment plans.
  • Enables the client to spend the necessary time investigating the benefits of the equipment since, from a cost perspective, the "I can't afford it" issue has been overcome.

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